How to streamline your business day to become really successful

1. Become clear about your overall goals Become FIRST very clear about your goals (dream goal, end goal, process goal). One of the most difficult 2. Become super focused choose ONLY one business-goal (One product) If you start as a one man show, you should focus on one product only, until you have reached a […] – Get Answers From Successful Entrepreneurs

On, you can find many questions and answers from successful entrepreneurs about all areas of business. From the best way of treating employees to the most important attitude of successful people you can find dozens of interesting conversations and success stories. Additionally, if you have an individual question, you can talk to one of the experts […]

Split Your Personality in Aspects Exercise

The following exercise is not meant to create or test a personality disorder. Quite the contrary, it is to become aware of the different core values that are driving us. Very often these values are contradictory, which means they work against each other. Imagine that you would consist of several identities that live inside you. Give them a […]

Marilyn Atkinson, PhD and student

Marilyn Atkinson, PhD coaches a participant from The Art & Science of Coaching Module 1. Transactional coaching with interesting questions.