Ailbhe Harrington, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Transpersonal coaching sessionĀ (working on the person not agenda) by Ailbhe Harrington, Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Filmed at ICF Irish Chapter Event in March 2012.

Powerful questions / statements:

  • What would you like to talk about?
  • I am hearing ..
  • I am noticing you are taking a deep breath as I say ..
  • With the time we have, what would be most useful to focus on in relation to that?
  • Is that our focus?
  • By the end of the 20 minutes, what do you want to go away with?
  • What does (the good outcome) look like for you?
  • I am struck by how important this word “respect” is.
  • How will you now that you have got to this place where you have named it and have respected it?
  • So I am hearing that it would shift in your body and you would feel a lightness.
  • How can I be most useful in getting to this place?
  • What exactly will I be doing in …?
  • I am wondering what this has to do with the .. over here?
  • What happens when ..?
  • How do we name this?
  • I am conscious to remind you of the importance of (respect) being here.
  • Time is coming to an end. I wanted to check in where you wanted to be and where you are now.
  • And in terms on how you are getting in your body?
  • Would it be helpful to stand up?
  • You are happy we leave it there?

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