Split Your Personality in Aspects Exercise

The following exercise is not meant to create or test a personality disorder. Quite the contrary, it is to become aware of the different core values that are driving us. Very often these values are contradictory, which means they work against each other. Imagine that you would consist of several identities that live inside you. Give them a […]

Contact Your Inner Child

A very intensive and powerful exercise to become clear about basic values, dreams and goals. Choose a photograph from yourself when you were a child of 3-7 years. Take one where you are looking towards the camera. Move to a comfortable place where you are undesturbed. Choose some meditative music to make yourself more relaxed. […]

Vision Exercise

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The following exercise is based on Jack Canfield, The fundamentials of success. He is proposing a self-questionnaire in several areas of your life to help you clarify your vision: Start by playing some relaxing music and sitting quietly in a comfortable environment. Close your eyes and ask your subconsciousness how your ideal life would look […]

Wheel of Life Exercise

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The wheel of life is a powerful tool to visualize different areas of interest within your life, indentify strengths and weaknesses and work on areas where you want to grow. You can use the answers that you were writing down in the previous “vision exercise” and fill them here in the corresponding spaces. Choose 4, […]

Write yourself a check

Do it like Jim Carrey, when he came down to California to start his new life as an actor: Write yourself a big check, and date it some years in the future. Choose the amount and time as you feel comfortable with.

Write a Letter to Yourself

Write a letter or a few to yourself and answer the following question: where do you see yourself in 1 year, 2 years, 3 or 5 years? Address it to yourself and date it. Write it in the present tense. Be as specific as possible. Try to visualize what your life will be like. Where […]

collage (vision board)

Visionboard: Create your life as a collage

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If you are not completely clear about your goals in life, you can help yourself with a collage (vision board). It will give you a very good feeling about the things that really excite you. The clearer and stronger these pictures are, the more likely you will attract them in your life.