Contact Your Inner Child

A very intensive and powerful exercise to become clear about basic values, dreams and goals.

Choose a photograph from yourself when you were a child of 3-7 years. Take one where you are looking towards the camera.
Move to a comfortable place where you are undesturbed. Choose some meditative music to make yourself more relaxed. Before you start, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Then open your eyes, look at the photograph and start a dialogue with you as a child.
Stay in contact with your eyes as a child, and let a deep talk arise.
Ask what your feelings, wishes, dreams, and hopes are. Ask for visions of an ideal life. Ask what is truly important.
Ask how the child likes your current life and what it would do differently.
Be with that child.
Allow all feelings to come and go.
You will feel when the dialogue is over. Continue the talk whenever you feel like.

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