collage (vision board)

Visionboard: Create your life as a collage

If you are not completely clear about your goals in life, you can help yourself with a collage (vision board). It will give you a very good feeling about the things that really excite you. The clearer and stronger these pictures are, the more likely you will attract them in your life.


  • Collect all kind of old, coulorful magazines
  • Go through the magazines and cut pictures that draw your attention and give you a strong feeling (positive or negative)
  • Put all the collected pictures in a carton box.

collage (vision board)

Vision board

  • Look at each picture and ask yourself: why did you choose this picture? What feeling arises in you when you wtch it?
  • Create sceneries with the pictures, f.e. “my home”, or “my life mission”, or “my passions”. Experiment, check if there are certain pictures missing and if everything feels really right. You can eather glue the pictures to a nice frame, or use blue tab to reuse them later again for new vision boards.
  • Look at the main topics of your vision board: what do they have in common?

Vision book

  • You can also buy a beautiful book with empty pages
  • pick a specific goal and put some pictures on the left side, that represent the feeling of that goal
  • Look regulary through the book as you accomplish your goals.
  • If you achieve a goal, put pictures from it on the right, opposite side of your vision. Celebrate it!
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