Elevator Speech

To enforce a new positive belief about yourself in a new role, you can practise the following partner exercise. Imagine you are both inside an elevator, the doors are closing, and you shortly introduce yourself.

For example

Partner 1: “Hi, I am Roland . What are you here for?”
Partner 2: “Hi, I am Tom. I am on my way to a coaching session.”
Partner 1: “Interesting. What is a coach?”
Partner 2: “A coach helps people in achieving their goals faster, by asking questions and encouraging to take action. And you? What are you doing?”
Partner 1: “I am a Webdesigner.”
Partner 2: “Interesting. What’s that?”
Partner 1: “A webdesigner is creating internet websites to attract the target group of the client through good content and interaction.”
Partner 2: “Nice to meet you”

In a bigger group, you can practise that by searching immediately for a new partner.

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