Exercises to find the right direction

With the following exercises you can become clearer about your true goals – all the things you want to do and achieve before you die.
Search for a quiet, undisturbed environment. Then take a pen, a piece of paper and start your new dream life !
Be as precise as possible, include every possible detail. Make your goal measurable. Don’t write something like: “I want a dream house by the sea”. Instead write: “By feb 1st 2014, I will own a 3.000 squarefeet estate in blue color on a rocky island coastline”. Listen inside yourself and revise your goal until you feel a strong positive response.
Dream on .. you can write as much as 101 goals – in a goal book, or on cards. Carry the most important ones always with you, e.g. in your wallet. *)

The following exercises can help you becoming clearer:

  • Imagine your own funeral. See yourself lying in the coffin in front of the audience. Hear the music, smell the candles. See 4 speakers walk in front of the crowd. What would you like these people to say about you? One is a member of your family, one a business-partner, one your best friend and the last a member of your social community. What do you want them to say about you? (Source: Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
  • Imagine you have 1 Mio. Dollar in the bank, and no obligations to anybody. If you would be truly free to do whatever you like, How would a life look like that you could enjoy to the fullest? (Timothy Ferriss)
  • Describe how a perfect day in your perfect life would look like – step emotionally deep inside. Before you actually do or create things in your life: feel inside like as if you have them already, and watch all the feelings that arise from this. Maybe your real goal is different from what you thought before? The Ferrari turns into: being free, and recognised?
  • What was your favorite game as a child? What did you really like, which gave you a lot of joy – what did you like to play most?
  • Dance your dream: imagine your dream and move along improvised szenes.
  • Describe a powerful action you would make in your perfect life.
  • Regarding your different roles in family, business, re-creation, social- & spiritual life: How would a life look like that you could enjoy to the fullest? Pick all or a few. (Source: Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
  • Imagine 4 things in each of the following 3 categories: what you would like to do (explore Alaska by bike), to have (a nice house), to be (an excellent cook). (Source: Timothy Ferriss, The 4 hour workweek)
  • Create breakthrough goals in all your life-roles: What would be a quantum leap for you, your family and your career? Winning a marathon? Getting on your nations most famous talkshow? Writing a book or article? Founding your own company? Creating a killer website? Being elected president by your community club? Getting a diploma for Shiatsu? Feel what would really make a big difference for you.

*) Source: Jack Canfield: The success principles

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