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How Not to Worry – Book Review and Exercise to Deal with Worries

how not to worryPaul McGee has written an interesting book “How Not To Worry: The Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More”. He introduces his methods and theories in a very personal, conversational style. This makes the reader feel like moving through a personal process.

Worry, stress, anxiety can have consequences that impact not only our lives, but the lives of others around us. When we worry it’s like the engine of our mind is constantly being revved up. It doesn’t allow us time to switch off and rest. It tires you out. And when you’re tired you’re less likely to think straight. And when you’re not thinking straight it’s easy to make stupid mistakes and confuse priorities…

In How Not to Worry Paul McGee shows us that there is a way to tackle life’s challenges in a calmer and more considered way. It is possible to use a certain degree of worry and anxiety to spur us on towards positive, constructive action, and then leave the rest behind. With down to earth, real life advice, How Not to Worry helps us understand why worrying is such a big deal and the reasons for it, exposing the behavioural traps we fall into when faced with challenges. It then helps us to move on with tools and ideas to deal with our worries in a more constructive way.


Write down the answers of the following questions in a journal and learn from your experiences:

– IMPORTANCE: Where is this issue on a scale of one to ten?
– IMPACT: How important will this be in six months’ time?
– Is my RESPONSE appropriate?
– How can I INFLUENCE or IMPROVE the situation?
– What can I LEARN from this experience?
– What will I do differently next time this happens?
– What can I find that is POSITIVE in this situation?

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