Group Sessions

Start a group when you have done several 1:1 Buddycoach sessions and feel confident about the basic rules of coaching.
As a group leader, you are the supporter of the group, not the boss.

The group founder should clarify the following points before or during a first meeting with the group:

  • Choose a group focus in interaction with possible members.
  • Agree about the interval of group meetings (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). The group admin should inform his members in the general description of the group.
  • Choose the coaching method: free, defined, or mixed (i.e. “book lectures and dicussion on practical questions”).
  • If you dont meet in person, choose a (free) videoconferencing system for your virtual events. We recommend – but you can also use Skype, Facebook Video or Google Voice (Installation and friend connect required).
  • Define how the group forum could be used to discuss topics and document important personal goals, steps and achievements.

Ongoing tasks for the group Leader

  • Set up regulary events for your group according to the aggreed interval. Try to use tools like to find dates that fit for everybody, or aggree about the next date at the end of each meeting.
  • Create a safe environment by demonstrating and practising group rules.
  • Let the group take ownership of itself – if the members want to change agenda, meeting intervals, coaching method or videoconferencing systems, let them vote for it ! You are the supporter of the group, not the boss.
  • Let members quit at anytime.
  • If members want to vote out other members because of continuous neglect of group rules, hold a voting and inform the concerned member about the decision. Remind the group to give the concerned member a chance to talk.

Agenda for group meetings

Group meetings are held by the group founder or the admins he is defining to substitute him.
The organizer can create group events and define an agenda. Other members can make suggestions for agenda topics.
You are free to design any agenda, but you may include the following steps:

  • Reassure Group Rules (Confidentially, Respect for meeting times, accountability for own and group goals, full attention, laser-speak, full involment)
  • Introductory round robin (first meeting or if new members are present)
    Everybody tells about his story and interests, each 5-10 min. You can use f.e. the following questions: who am I? What do I do for a living? Where do I live? Why did I join the group? What do I expect from it? What are my passions? What makes my really happy? Where can I relax?
  • Discuss group focus (first meeting).
  • Adress topics and personal goals raised by the members of the group.
  • Round Robins: share insights and wisdom, ask powerful questions.
  • Coaching of members just with previous permission!
  • Ask for specific commitments for action.
  • Ask what has been learned during the session.
  • Thank each other for sharing openly and helping to see deeper.
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