Morning Ritual


Create a ritual how to start actively in your day.The basic intetion is to align you with your basic goals and create a field of positive emotions.

The absolute minimum shoud be Timothy Ferriss’ suggestion of writing down the 1-3 most important tasks that you are most afraid of and that would make the most impact on your goals – and finish them before 11am.

The following suggestions from the life mastery blog are much more detailed andĀ involve also your body, your emotions and your mind. Don’t exaggerate the number and length of exercises if you don’t feel like.

– Smile and embrace the new day
– breathe
– drink water
– Move your body (stretching, Jumping)
– Incantations / Affirmations with all body & emotions (you can write your own cards), e.g. “I embrace my life as it is”, “I am happy, healthy and strong”, “I love myself”.
– Empowering questions. e.g. what am i happy about and enjoy most in my life now? What am I exited and passionate about in my life? What am i proud of in my life? What am I grateful for in my life? What am I committed to in my life? Who do I love? Who loves me?
– Driving force. Focus on your vision, mission, and important goals.
– Plan. Check your Calendar for important meetings and set the 1-3 important goals you want to achieve.
– Accountability Call: Look for the 1-3 important things that you’ve set the previous day. Give yourself an incentive to do it, e.g. donate a fixed amount of money if you fail.

These 7 tasks don’t need more then 10-15 min.
If you like, you can add some basic tasks for your mind and body, e.g.:

– Read 10 pages in your favorite motivational book.
– Body Workout. e.g. gym, walking, jogging

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