Personal Development

In this section you will find recommended books, posts, PDF and video tutorials with motivational speeches and exercises from great entrepreneurs, life artists and coaches:

  • How to get rid of old beliefs

  • How to discover a vision of the heart

  • How to prioritize and keep on track

If you want to start coaching, please read this introduction first!


What is personal development / growth / self-coaching?

There are Thousands of books and trainings out there, focussing on different areas like psychology, religion, philosophy, education, coaching or spirituality.

According to Wikipedia personal development includes activities like

One of the best books summarizing personal leadership is Stephen Coveys “The 7 habits of highly successful people”. Covey has been developing his thesis after a detailed review of the whole literature about success – finding out that there are a lot of similarities between successful people.
Covey suggests 3 personal, 3 social habits and a habit of re-generation.
If you are committed to improve on the above points then I suggest you read his book.
This website and the menu “Personal Development” follows in principle his categorization of beneficial habits.

Starting the process of personal development requires nothing but a good attitude:

To be HONEST & OPEN – say the truth about your thoughts and feelings. Share where you really are.
To be PROACTIVE – start DOING things instead of thinking and talking about them.
To be GENTLE – walk slowly, have compassion for yourself and others. Rome was not built in one day ..
To be CURAGEOUS – To live the dream of your heart will confront you with your deepest fears first. Keep your dreams alive and walk through!
To be CLEAR – Don’t ask others for a vision. Find it yourself!

To be FOCUSED – Put first things first. Do the things that are really important but not urgent.
To be HELPFUL – Think also about others and switch perspective from time to time. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Think win / win and synergize!
To be EQUAL – Don’t see yourself as the supreme being. Offer help instead of telling others what to do.

and most important: ENJOY THE NOW, because the way is the goal!