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This platform is for you – learn from world class coaches how to find the goals of your heart, and how to realize them.
Find new friends to discuss your problems & successes in 1:1 coaching sessions and small groups.
The most important rule for coaching is: be curious and helpful, but don’t give advice. Coaching is about asking powerful questions and motivating for action – but the way is up to the client. As a coach, you don’t lead, you follow.

achtungPlease read the Basic Coaching Course first and go through all exercises. This course will introduce you to the right attitude of a coach, how you set goals, deal with limiting beliefs and go for action. It shows you how to do it yourself and how you help others to reach their goals. Without knowing the contents, you are NOT ready to start 1:1 or group Buddycoaching Sessions.

The good attitude for SELF COACHING

  • Be HONEST & OPEN – say the truth about your thoughts and feelings. Share where you really are.
  • Be PROACTIVE – start DOING things instead of thinking and talking about them.
  • Be GENTLE – walk slowly, have compassion for yourself and others. Rome was not built in one day ..
  • Be EQUAL – even if you are the founder of a group or you have profound knowledge, you are still not the boss. Offer help instead of telling others what to do.
  • Be CURAGEOUS – To live the dream of your heart will confront you with your deepest fears first. Keep your dreams alive and walk through!
  • Be CLEAR – Don’t ask others for a vision. Find it yourself!
  • Be FOCUSED – Put first things first. Do the things that are really important but not urgent.
  • Be HELPFUL – Think also about others and switch perspective from time to time. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Think win / win and synergize!
  • and most important: ENJOY THE NOW, because the way is the goal!

The good attitude for COACHING OTHERS

  • LISTEN, don’t talk – If you are the coach, it’s about the client.
  • RELAX – Don’t give advice or suggestions, don’t ask leading questions. Accept phases of silence in between if you don’t feel a powerful question. It’s all about the client finding his way.
  • TRUST the process.
  • ASK powerful questions to clarify and inspire.
  • QUESTION limiting beliefs.
  • Keep CONFIDENTIAL: no sharing of personal observations about other people.

Please notice:

Members that behave repeatedly offensive against others will be excluded from the membership.
Please report every incidence at

The basic rules

– Let others finish their talk.
– Practice “laser-speak”: don’t talk too long, respect allotted speaking time. Focus on the key point that you want to say.
– Avoid judgemental and aggressive statements. When feelings of anger arise towards others, you can share them as your feelings, but dont express them as an attack. F.e. “When you said … , I felt …” (NO: “You are stupid / This is fruitless ..). See here how to deal with anger and practice non-violent communication.

– Know what you really feel, want and need.
– Tell others about your truth.


I understand that Coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment and I will not use it in place of any form of therapy.

I promise that if I am currently in therapy or otherwise under the care of a mental health professional, that I have consulted with this person regarding the advisability of working with a Coach and that this person is aware of my decision to proceed with the Coaching relationship.

I understand that feelings are a normal and healthy part of being human and that through a Co-Active® Coaching relationship, awareness and curiosity will be brought to my feelings so that I can make more informed choices and move into my desired action. I understand that coaching does not deal with the psychological antecedent to emotions — that is the realm of therapy.

How to work in groups

MyBuddyCoaching.comWhen everybody keeps a good attitude for self-coaching and the group leader manages to create a safe space where all members obey the rules (see below) and can express their feelings and ideas freely, coaching groups are a very powerful tool for everybody. You get honest feedback about your passions of heart, new ideas and perspectives. You strengthen your commitment towards your passions, because you share them with others. And it simply feels good to share and help !

If you join a group, please respect the following basic rules for group coaching, as introduced by Ginger Cockerham in her book Group Coaching:

  • All rules about 1:1 coaching do also apply on group coaching.
  • Don’t advise unless requested. Encourage members to find their own answers.
  • Ask permission before coaching a member.
  • Stay charge neutral (+-): No judgement in any way
  • Don’t make assumptions, ask for clarification.
  • Be absolutely confidential: No sharing of personal observations about others, audio and video recordings.
  • Attend all meetings. If you can’t make it, tell the group admin.
  • Practise laser-speak: Talk shortly and focused. Go directly to the issue and the point, without long stories and explanations.
  • Hear out the member who has the floor, don’t interrupt.
  • Keep feedback positive, based on evidence, relevant and encouraging.
  • Share your name before you speak in the group.
  • Be committed to achieving your own goals and helping others achieve theirs.
  • Be involved. Share, ask, give positive feedback.
  • Champion others: encourage and celebrate success.
  • Stay focused on one issue at a time.
  • Stay focused on the talk: don’t work on other tasks, mute the call if you are interrupted or in a noisy environment.