Practice downshifting & downspeeding

When are we really rich? When we can have everything that we want, or when we enjoy what we have?
It is very exhausting to focus on what we don’t have. We then have to work hard to earn the money or change the circumstances for our never ending wishes.
Downshifting and downspeeding means to turn the perspective on what we have already, what is truly important to us, and let go of everything else. It doesn’t mean to become poor, but definitly to become more free, clear and honest to oneself.

  • Become clear about what urges you
  • return to relaxation, make the moment your friend
  • Get rid of distraction & escape actions
  • Give away or sell all things that you didnt use for 6 months: you are really free when all your belongings fit in a rucksack.
  • Information diet: Cancel all distractions that you dont enjoy fully or you don’t essencially need to realize your dream: TV, Computer, Books, Magazines, Newspapers.
  • Choose an inspiring but cheap place to live: Why not move to a country / city / environment where you get +100% space for -50% of the cost?
  • Travel: Meet new people and cultures. Leave your stuff in a self-storage.

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