How to streamline your business day to become really successful

1. Become clear about your overall goals

Become FIRST very clear about your goals (dream goal, end goal, process goal). One of the most difficult

2. Become super focused

choose ONLY one business-goal (One product)

If you start as a one man show, you should focus on one product only, until you have reached a high level of success – or failure. (failure is only valid if you have truly tried everything possible with all your efforts).

If you are currently running several businesses, ask yourself several questions to help you choose the right one, including

  • In which business am I already having success?
  • In which business do I have already products and materials I could sell?
  • What kind of business or activity is making me enthusiastic, what do I really love to do?
  • In which area am I an expert?
  • What are my friends asking me advice for?
  • Which person do I have to become to reach this goal?

3. Write a business plan for this goal

Write on one A4 page a business plan that shows you the basics of your enterprise: target group, sales goals, marketing goals, timetable.

4. Define your mini goal for the month

Mini-Goals are goals that are achievable in about a month’s time and would make a huge impact towards the overall goal.
Think about little projects that would move you towards your overall goal.
Think about the 80:20 rule and work only in the 20% range.

5. Learn to deal with distractions

Know the difference between an opportunity and a distraction.
Work only on opportunities that are in line with your overall goals.
Learn to say “no”. Every “yes” to the agenda of others is a “no” to your own.

6. Choose macro goals for the day

Take time daily before you start your work (or evening before) to define the 1-3 macro goals for the day.
They are usually also the goals you are most afraid of and bring you out of your comfort zone.
Finish them until 11am

7. Choose a form of support

Find a community of people with similar goals, a coach, a mentor(group) or a mastermind-group.
They will give you a fresh view on what you are doing well and where you need to work on.

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