The Miracle

This exercise can be used as the basis of a whole coaching session. You can use it when you and client have fallen into a problem-centric view. Dramatise the whole exercise as much as possible, use breaks and high/low voice.

Coach: “Lets imagine you go home tonight, do the things you always do at night, like watch TV or read a book, and then you go to bed” (integration in day by day life)

Coach: “And during the night, while you are sleeping, a miracle happens” (the coachee can do nothing about it)


Coach: “The miracle had been solving all the problems we were talking about.” (the change already happened)

Coach: “And you wake up in the morning and you don’t know about the miracle yet.
So how would you notice the next morning that the miracle really has happened?”
“What else?”

Answers as a missing negative

If the client sees the miracle primarily in the absence of negative circumstances (e.g. “I would not be stressed anymore”), you direct him to WHAT ELSE:

  • if you feel no stress, WHAT ELSE do you feel INSTEAD?

Additional questions:

  • How would you behave differently?
  • How would other people (partner, spouse, friends, parents, boss) notice that the miracle happened?
  • What consequences would the miracle have on other people that are important for you?
  • Have you experienced situations where this miracle was already visible?
  • How did you manage that?

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