Vision Exercise

The following exercise is based on Jack Canfield, The fundamentials of success.
He is proposing a self-questionnaire in several areas of your life to help you clarify your vision:
Start by playing some relaxing music and sitting quietly in a comfortable environment. Close your eyes and ask your subconsciousness how your ideal life would look like – If you could have it exactly the way you want it. Don’t take it as a mental exercise by just writing down thoughts. Instead try to connect to your deepest emotions, intuition and inner wisdom. Imagine it in the present tense, and enjoy the images that arise.
You can write the answers as you go, or do the whole exercise first and then write everything down. In either case, make sure you write down everything thats important to you.


  • Do you have a partner/spouse, children? How is it to live with your partner? How does he/she look like and behave? What is the quality of your relationship? Is there respect, joy, conflict solving and mutual encouragement?
  • What is your relationship with your father, mother, brothers, sisters like? How is your relationship with other relatives / the tribe?
  • Who are your friends? What is the quality of the relationships with your friends? How does it feel to be with your friends? Are they loving, supporting, empowering, championing? What kind of things are you doing together?

Financial, Business & Career

  • What is your annual income? How much money do you have an the bank account, and in savings and investments?
  • What is your current job? Where is your office? What exactly are you doing? Are you working for someone else or is it your own business? Who are your collegues? Who are your clients or customers? What for do they pay?
  • Who are your partners, with whom do you have close business relationships?
  • Do you have a coach or people who champion and encourage you?

Physical environment, home

  • How does your home look like? Where is it located?
  • Does it have a view? A swimming pool, animals?
  • How does the furniture look like? What colors are the walls? Do you have carpets, paintings, accessories?
  • Do you have a car? Which model? How does it look like?
  • Do you have a boat, a bike, a bicycle, a workspace? What other important and fun possessions do you have?


  • How much free time do you enjoy?
  • What hobbies are you pursuing? What do you do for fun?
  • Where do you go for vacation? Are you travelling frequently, and where?
  • With whom are you spending your free time?


  • How does your body look like?
  • Which physical activities do you enjoy? Are you hiking, jogging, swimming, going to a gym? Running a marathon?
  • Are you free of all disease?
  • Are you open, relaxed and in peace during your day?
  • Are you full of vitality?
  • Do you eat good food and drink lots of water?

Personal growth

  • Are you getting training and attending workshops? Do you go to University? Are you doing therapy for past hurts?
  • Do you practise spirituality, and how?
  • Do you learn languages, an instrument, cooking, special manual skills, painting, other arts?

Personal appearance & belongings

  • How do you look like? How are your hair, your clothes, your shoes? Do you wear a hat or cap?
  • What technical instruments do you use? (computer, smartphone, Software, Camera, ..)
  • What kind of bag do you wear?
  • What other accessories do you wear on your body?


  • Are you participating in social organisations? How do they look like? What are you doing there? Who are the other members of that community?
  • How does it feel to engage there?
  • Are you doing volunteer work? Helping others to make a difference?

Keep your written vision and re-read it every day. This will keep your mind focused on your goals.
As you move on and take action towards your goals, you can use the wheel of life to integrate your main goals with concrete actions.

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