Wheel of Life Exercise

The wheel of life is a powerful tool to visualize different areas of interest within your life, indentify strengths and weaknesses and work on areas where you want to grow. You can use the answers that you were writing down in the previous “vision exercise” and fill them here in the corresponding spaces.

  1. Choose 4, 8 or 10 (like in the example below) important areas of your life you really really would like to work on, e.g.: Business, Physical Environment, Romance, Posessions, Career Development, Friends, Family life, Health & Wellbeing, Fun & Recreation, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Work/Life Balance, Society & Social Work, Financial prosperity, Time management, Travel/Adventure .. or any you want to put a stronger focus on.
  2. Draw a circle and devide it in 4, 8 or 10 areas according to the number of areas you want to work on.
    If you want to work also on specific goals and actions, make inside the circle 2 other circles with the same center then the first.
    Make a scale from 0 (unhappy) – 10 (excellent) within all areas of the inner circle.
  3. Mark where you feel yourself at the moment within this area.
  4. Write specific goals within the corresponding area in the second circle (if drawn).
  5. Write specific actions to reach the goals within the corresponding area in the third (outer) circle. (if drawn)

At CTI’s online toolkit you can make an Interactive Wheel of Life Assessment or download an empty form.

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