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After Goal Setting: How to Deal With Negative Beliefs

(c) Fotolia.deThe moment you allow your true goals to arise and you question the status quo, you are moving out of your comfort Zone, from logic into emotion, and 3 things will happen.
Be prepared to deal with the following:

Considerations, doubts, general negative Beliefs

You want to do something BUT there is this limiting belief coming up. “I am too old / young”, I have no time for that”, “I am not good enough”, “Nobody would trust me”, “My wife won’t allow it”, “I have not enough ressources to do that”, “It’s impossible, I can’t make it”, “I am not worth the success”. When you are really moving towards true goals, doubtful thoughts will follow like “amen” the prayer. Don’t let yourself bring down. They have been there before, and now they are within your consciousness. Actually this is a good sign! You now have the chance to deal with them, confront them, and overcome them.
Every time you do something new and you move from the comfort zone of your day by day routine into the stretching zone, your inner saboteur will show up and try to keep you from doing something that is potentially unsafe.

What you can do: challenge your negative beliefs:

  • by specifying them: “What exactly will my wife not allow?”, “How much money do I exactly need?”, “What is it exactly that I can’t do?”. “What do you mean by .. everything / nothing / nobody / nowhere”? “Please define …”.
  • by questioning them deeply: “Is it really really true?”
  • by working on them with alternatives: “OK you are thinking that you are not worth the success. Do you want to work on this negative belief? Do you want to change it? What else do you want instead? How could you do that?”


Also a lot of negative feelings will arise. Fears of rejection, failure, mis-fortune, or to make a fool of you. Face this fears with all your awareness. Don’t fight them and don’t react on them. Let them just be there. Fears are part of the process, they indicate that you are on the right track. Life wants you to go through them, to reach your big dream and personally grow. It wants to bring you out of the comfort zone and into your strech zone. Let them be your teachers and even walk towards them: do the tasks that you are most afraid of, they have the biggest impact.


Roadblocks are external circumstances that keep you from reaching your goals. This could be a lack of money, knowledge, power, people. You don’t find the partners for your project. You dont have the money to start the restaurant. You dont know how to register a business. You are legally not allowed to do the business as you imagined.
Roadblocks are a necessary part of your journey. They motivate you to grow and develop an attitude of never giving up. They are the funny and sad stories you can tell your grandchildren when you are 85.

Many people see doubts, fears and roadblocks as a stop sign. “Now I am thinking this, feeling that and experiencing this .., I feel I will never persue this goal.” – In fact, they are just a sign that you are on the right track. And they are a chance to focus all your energy and overcome all doubt and complications. The deep truth is: Not the accomplishing of your goals makes you grow – it’s the obstacles that motivate you to develop power, enthusiasm, new attitudes and new skills. If you reach your goals easily – where is the fun? Welcome the challenge. With every one of them you become better prepared for the next venture you will undertake.

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